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Brucie's Bike Shop Kendal

Here at Brucie’s we try and do things a little differently

Brucie's Bike Shop -Est. 1979 
01539 727230 | email: [email protected]


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Open 6 days a week (we need a day off to get out on the bike): Monday - Saturday 9.00am. - 5.00pm.

Freewheel when you can ... pedal when you must!

What's New at Brucies!



Kids' bikes, in two Classes: Hybrids, designed with a 'do it all' approach (garden, pavement, bike park, woodland trail, mud, rain ... the hybrids can handle it all in a light-weight package). For a more 'go for it' approach, take a look at the Mountain Bike models - still light and functional, but they can handle harder use.

Find out more about the bikes on the Squish Bikes website - 360 degree images and full specifications. Then come and meet the bikes in person at Brucie's Bike Shop. Very tidy bikes, at very tidy prices.

Prices range from £259.95 to £319.95 dependent upon model and size.


Here at Brucie’s we try and do things a little differently

We hope this site gives you an idea of who we are and what we do. 

So go on, take the site for a spin (no pun intended). And if you're in the area please pop in and see what we have to offer you.

Welcome to the shop. Out front we’ve got all the latest kit. Out the back there are often a few cyclists, having a brew, and gassing about the latest bike-related adventures. Or the weather. Or Chris Froome's chances of another win in the tour de France.

Oh! - and a work shop.

Bikes to suit all needs, as well as a range of budgets. If you are in the market for a new bike, call in and chat to Bruce or Tony about what you want. Touring, Road Race, MTB or Shopper, we can supply them all.

Dave Everett, Bruce's son (pictured left), now lives in France, and describes himself and his occupation as:

'Cycling hobo, aiming to talk cobblers and ride bikes for a living. Proud to say I do a bit of scribbling for top cycling website Cycling Tips.'

You can keep up to date with what Dave is doing by clicking on the social links at the top of the page. You will also find loads of examples of his work on his 'Shoddy Cycling' page.

And you can use the following links to see selected articles and video interviews that Dave has carried out for Cycling Tips.

Hidden Motor demonstration with Greg LeMond

An interview with Greg LeMond part one 

An interview with Greg LeMond part two

Click on the image above to see young Dave's interview, for Cycling Tips, with frame-buider and off-road legend Tom Ritchey.

There has been a Brucie's Bike Shop up and running in the lovely town of Kendal since 1979. The surrounding area is one of the top places in the UK to get out on the bike. Head west or north and you're into the stunning landscape of the Lake District. If you don’t fancy that we’ve got the Yorkshire Dales and the Northern Pennines on our doorstep too, as well as the excellent quiet roads of the Eden Valley. Or you can head south to the rolling hill country of Lancashire. 

There’s never an excuse not to get the miles in.

Brucie's Bike Shop is the exclusive stockist of Brevatto custom-built cycles, and the unique range of Brevatto Team clothing. Click the link to see more.

We've think we've got pretty much every base covered. We stock top brands such as MET and FUNKIER helmets, KUOTA, CLAUD BUTLER and DAWES bikes, BBB Accessories, XERO and MAVIC wheels, SIS sports fuel, SHIMANO and CAMPAGNOLO amongst others.

Why not drop in to see our latest clearance offers, special sale price bikes, or our own unique range of clothing? You can shop with confidence as we try our hardest to supply the best quality at a great price.

Also check the new 'Featured Product' page - find out what sale items we have, special promotions, or particular bikes or accessories that we think you should know about.

Come and join us on a Sunday morning for the Sunday Ride. There's usually a good group of us ready to put a good few miles in the legs. Pop in the shop to find out what time to meet-up. Depending on the time of year, or where we’re heading, this can change, but usually 9:30am. will see a few lycra-clad individuals hanging around the back of the shop, ready for the off.

The Sunday Ride gang are a great bunch, so if you're new to cycling, don't worry. The rides are pretty steady, and they are not races, but there is often a bit of half-wheeling going on!

Brucie's Bike Shop 9 Kirkland Kendal Cumbria LA9 5AF Telephone: 01539 727230 email: [email protected]

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